The Impact

When you combine the humble yet heartfelt efforts of many, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Every contribution from every supporter around the world is actively helping make a meaningful difference in the fight against cancer.

Every dollar raised will help a mother, a father, a child and a family confront a life-altering situation together knowing that the financial burdens needed for the treatment of a loved one are covered. 

When you make a donation or contribution to KHCF USA, you are helping us to achieve the following goals:

In the fight against cancer, early detection is absolutely critical – and one of the best ways to increase the rates of early detection is to make sure people everywhere are aware of the warning signs, treatment options and risks.

At KHCF, one of the main goals is to educate communities across the MENA region – and beyond – about cancer, its risk factors, warning signs, and early detection methods. Our donors and supporters enable us to reach out to the most vulnerable communities and individuals throughout the region.

Your contributions also support the Jordan Breast Cancer Program (JBCP), which works to provide high-quality breast cancer screening services to all women in Jordan – including millions of refugees.

For more information about JBCP’s programs, please click here.

Part of the mission of the King Hussein Cancer Center is to continuously provide the most comprehensive cancer care in the region. This is a high priority function implemented through academic affairs and research. The various academic activities and educational opportunities aim at developing the knowledge and skills of the Center’s medical teams.

In addition, the King Hussein Cancer Center implements a comprehensive research strategy through which medical staff and researchers conduct retrospective and prospective research projects in clinical and translational research. In addition, the clinical trials can provide patients with access to new treatment regimens that may save their lives.

For more information on research programs, please click here.

At the end of the day, KHCC’s mission is to save as many lives as possible. The center will never stop working to offer the most advanced medical services and programs available. We aim to continuously upgrade the center with the latest medical equipment, both for diagnostic and treatment purposes, and to continue recruiting leading medical professionals to join KHCC’s world-class team. Your support also helps fund existing medical programs and expand the center’s scope of medical services.

For more information on KHCF’s machinery program, please click here.

In a region plagued by wars, instability, and poverty, many cancer patients cannot afford the lifesaving treatments they so desperately need. This is why a significant portion of your donations go toward supporting underprivileged patients, implemented through a diversity of funds and programs. And this assistance goes well beyond addressing physical and medical needs: we also work to ensure that all of KHCC’s patients and their families receive emotional, therapeutic, and psycho-social support.

For more information on KHCF’s patient care programs, please click here.